Guadeloupe Islands

Guadeloupe Islands from Caribbean Boutique

The five French islands, making up the butterfly shaped Guadeloupe, consist of Basse-Terre, Grande-Terre, La Desirade, Les Saintes and Marie-Galante.

Popular with beach lovers, the Islands of Guadeloupe are also perfect for divers and golfers, plus they offer an amazing rainforest for hikers to enjoy.

The Guadeloupe Islands boast quality hotels, private villas, resorts with spas and friendly family-run inns, as well as an 18-hole international golf course in Saint-François.
The Guadeloupe Islands enjoy a mix of African-Caribbean, French and Indian influences that can be observed every day and all year round in culture, cuisine and celebrations!

Créole cuisine has an exotic array of colours, flavours and aromas and the culinary art of the Guadeloupe Islands has become over the years one of the most refined in the Caribbean.

The mainland is a natural masterpiece with mangrove forests and coral reefs. Without the boost of major tourism, most of Guadeloupe feels undiscovered. Every inch of the island’s tropical forest is covered with wildlife and the oceans burst with colour with schools of bright fish.

Why not do some island hopping and twin Guadeloupe with another small island such as Dominica or St Barths, using Antigua or Barbados as a gateway or St Maarten in the French Caribbean?

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  1. Climb up to La Soufrière Volcano, the highest peak in the Lesser Antilles
  2. Visit the Aquarium and then swim with tropical fish at La Réserve Cousteau
  3. Savour a generous French-Créole déjeuner
  4. Try your swing on the International Golf Course
  5. Laze in the sun on one of the islands’ magnificient shores meanwhile tasting a ‘Sorbet Coco’ or a ‘Tourment d’Amour’
  6. Visit one of the islands’ numerous rum distilleries and take ‘La Route du Rhum’!
  7. Try your luck in our Casino Royal
  8. Stroll among the packed stalls of our busy markets
  9. Hike in the Guadeloupe Natural Park and stop at La Cascade aux Ecrevisses for a refreshing splash
  10. Take a speed boat to Paradise and discover Terre-de-Haut Bay


Size: 660 sq. miles
Currency: Euro
Population: 451,000 inhabitants
Language: The official language is French. English is spoken in tourist areas; Creole is ever-present in daily life
Main City: Basse-Terre, historical and administrative capital and Pointe-à-Pitre, Guadeloupe’s commercial centre
Dish of the Day: Queen conch fricassée served with rice and red beans